Hands, Wrist & Elbow

Hand & Wrist Injury

Our hands and wrists guide us throughout almost all our daily activities. Frequent usage makes these extremities some of our body’s most valuable tools, but can also be extremely vulnerable to injury. Any trauma that impacts your hand or wrist holds the potential to transform your life completely.

Over thirty small bones support movement inside your hands and wrist. Damage to even the smallest bone can affect the synchronicity of the entire system. Treatment of conditions like fractures, pain and complex injuries in the hand and wrist require expertise to ensure precise and accurate correction.

Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the need of the patient. Non-surgical options, such as physical or PRP therapy, are implemented whenever possible. When surgery is necessary, Warner Orthopedics offers the latest surgical technology, which allows us to promise faster recovery and a smooth transition back into daily life.

Elbow Injury

An elbow injury can disrupt a mother picking up their child, just as soon as it can throw a top-performing athlete off their game. The elbow is a ball-and-socket joint, as well as a hinge joint, making it incredibly vulnerable to injury. Three bones meet at the elbow joint: one from the upper arm (humerus), and two from the forearm (ulna and radius). Fractures, dislocations, tendon tears and overuse injuries can be debilitating, and complicate daily life.

At Warner Orthopedics & Wellness our team is equipped with the experience, technology, and tools necessary to treat a broad range of elbow injuries. We focus on building personalized treatment plans for each patient and always consider the most conservative approach first. Every treatment plan highlights ensuring rapid healing, swift recovery, and smooth transition back into daily life.

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We specialize in foot and ankle reconstruction.

Dr. Meredith Warner, founder of Warner Orthopedics & Wellness is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in foot and ankle reconstruction.  She is an expert in orthopedic medicine and the inventor of the revolutionary treatment for plantar fasciitis, The Healing Sole.

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