Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP Treatment

Warner Orthopedics practices PRP therapy to provide patients with the resources they need for quick recovery. Several chronic conditions may respond well to PRP injections.

PRP Therapy uses one of the body’s most efficient healing devices to improve and speed up recovery. Platelet activation is a crucial aspect of wound and soft tissue healing. Platelets are tiny cell fragments that help to promote healing in injured areas of the body and relieve pain. In Platelet Rich Plasma therapy the platelets are extracted from the patients’ blood, injected into the site of an injury and used to relieve damaged tendons or cartilage. The process is completed in less than an hour, and patients typically see results in six to twelve weeks. PRP therapy works because it uses one of the most essential parts of the body’s healing process in a high concentration to improve healing and make injuries recovery faster, better and safer.

Studies show PRP makes chronic conditions resemble a new injury and the healing response renews. This new response combined with PRP can lead to an improved chance of healing, which may mean surgery isn’t necessary in some cases. If your provider indicates a need for surgery, ask if PRP is a viable option.

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Dr. Meredith Warner, founder of Warner Orthopedics & Wellness is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in foot and ankle reconstruction.  She is an expert in orthopedic medicine and the inventor of the revolutionary treatment for plantar fasciitis, The Healing Sole.

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