Orthopedics and You

A Nation in Motion: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A Nation in Motion

Dr. Meredith Warner is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Baton Rouge Louisiana and a huge advocate for the work being done by the AAOS, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, to promote an active nation. The AAOS recently launched a campaign, website and interactive game to help patients understand the value of high-quality orthopedic care, with vibrant stories of people whose lives and mobility have been restored, who are back at work and doing what they love because of their orthopedic care. Dr. Warner encourages all of her patients to be active and to share their stories of how they stay active with others around the country.

Keep in mind, bone and joint health problems impose a profound burden on Americans and the health care system – but the burden is not well understood. Because of bone and joint injuries, Americans missed nearly 440 million days of work in 2011. Bone and joint health injuries and conditions not only prevent people from remaining active and doing what they love, but also from providing for themselves and their families. As the population ages and obesity continues to skyrocket, the rate at which people will need orthopedic care in the future is growing exponentially.

Dr. Meredith Warner specializes in the treatment of orthopedic issues, providing operative and non-operative treatment plans of orthopedic problems, including musculoskeletal pain such as chronic back, neck and foot pain, reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle, arthritis, diabetic, hammer toe, bunion, wound care, work injuries, fitness and nutrition and osteoporosis issues.